<3 (axlackxofxcolor) wrote in deathcabfans,


Anyone have any??? Post pictures!
Anyone have any ideas of Death Cab related tattoos that they are thinking about getting? Share them! (Unless you're afraid someone might steal them).

I've looked around online at Death Cab tattoos and I've found no more than like 5 pics online, as opposed to other bands. Are Death Cab fans just more discreet about their tattoos or do people just not really have any? I kinda find that hard to believe...maybe not. 

I've wanted to get a Death Cab related tattoo f o r e v e r!  I can't really think of anything I'd want to get, except for one idea I came up with which I'm not sure if it's lame or not...tell me what u think. I kinda wanted a cab plunging into water or fire or something (a death cab), with my name across the cab. Idk...I wanted something with more meaning though. Not lyrics, but some sort of image representing lyrics, so it's more meaningful, and not as straightforward....
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